Monday, 14 June 2010


I've been posting for a few months now (albeit sporadically) and was trying to persuade myself that I wasn't feeling defeated about not having received any comments on my blog posts. I plodded on, regardless, telling myself gamely that blogging isn't just about having an audience, that's not the point...but of course it is. It's about getting involved in a sort of community - finding people who share common ground, or who are completely different than we are (and interesting because of it). It's about getting nice little messages from other people validifying or gently disagreeing with our thoughts. It's about putting our little selves on the map and having other little selves wave hi from their own places on the map.

Annelise from Box of Crayons pointed out today that she was unable to comment on my blog posts due to some technical glitch (thank you for making the effort to do that, by the way. I saw the little note at the bottom of your last blog post and was very touched :)   

And I thought, well, fancy that! Maybe it's not that my blog is so incredibly dull that no-one wanted to comment after all, and it was merely those dastardly technical gremlins that were to blame?

I think I have managed to fix the issue. It would be lovely if you could prove me right by saying hi. I am mildly obsessed with logging in to check on the blogs I follow, and my experience of blogspot thus far has been a lovely one...but I do feel like my experience is a bit one-sided at the moment, and it would be nice to be more involved.

Hope to speak to you soon! xxx


annelise said...

Yay! It works! :)

I don't know why we bloggers try to tell ourselves that comments aren't important (I do the same thing) but they are! Otherwise, it feels like you're talking to yourself and that's no fun at all.

Good job at putting the gremlins in their place! I will be a regular commenter from here on in.

Sara Louise said...

Works for me too!

And comments are wonderful little presents :-)

Cheryl said...


Thank you Annelise and Sara Louise :)

Amanda said...

I am SO glad things got worked out! I know how it feels to not be read, and its always nice to know someone else appreciates your thoughts!

Be blessed!

Meghan said...

Here I am too!